Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Beware of Free Trial Acai Berry Scams

Scammers always try to capitalize on the latest fad, and they are very good at it. These are intelligent people who unfortunately focused their wits on the wrong direction…you! One popular scam involves the acai berry. This is not surprising because acai is making quite a buzz amongst health enthusiasts around the globe. Scammers quickly took advantage and jumped on the opportunity. What we have now are lots of bogus and cheesy websites in the Internet offering free trial of the acai berry.

Let me make it clear, the acai berry in itself is not a hoax. Its health benefits are backed by years of extensive research and studies and have been proven by people who have actually reaped the benefits of the acai. The problem lies on how shysters present the acai as some sort of panacea or a miracle weight loss supplement. They also cheat the public in general through various shenanigans involving hard-to-cancel recurring orders on your credit card.

Free trial offers are not actually free. In fact these three words are warning signs for a hoax as nobody will give you something for free! It doesn’t simply work that way. In fact, you would actually be paying up to four times more with these offers and what you will get is acai berry in its most crappy form. Next, you will be signed up for a subscription and you will be informed that they will just charge for shipping. The sad truth is, they only want your credit card number and they will bill you for a monthly subscription you didn’t sign up for. Here is the trick: they conceal the fine print in their terms and conditions which most people don’t actually bother to read. Dad was right when he told you to read the small print. To make it worse, the tricksters will usually bundle this subscription with a hideous news letter to charge you even more.

What you get is a major headache. You will then spend literally hours trying to cancel the subscription only to find out that there will either be no one to contact to return the useless product, or they will say you have to call their customer service number to get return authorization. And then finally your prayer was answered and you get someone on the line. But you will be put on hold and transferred from one person to another like a ping-pong ball until you give up. You end up paying even more for your telephone bill. To complicate matters even more, when you finally receive your free acai berry, you soon find out that what you have is an acai of inferior quality. Here is the reason why. In order for these scammers to amass even more money, they send you acai that was heat processed instead of freeze dried. This enables them to save as much as 50% to produce their crappy acai product which has already lost most of its nutrients and antioxidants. In short, what they sent you is an acai product that is essentially as good as junk!

Here are some tips which you might find useful to avoid acai berry scams. Don’t ever get the free trial of the acai, if the company or manufacturer is offering such scheme, it is likely that they are not legitimate. Likewise it would not be wise to order any acai berry products from some sleazy website, from a manufacturer that is unheard of. These are all hoaxes. But if you do find an online merchandiser that seems credible, the next thing that you have to do is to read all the fine print on the website because that is where the root of the scam lies. You may also have to follow the links to get to it. If it says something about recurring bill, it’s definitely a scam. If it offers a free trial but compels you to cancel in a specified time during your billing period, it’s surely a scam. If the trial is bundled with some extraneous product which also has its own recurring bill, it’s absolutely a scam.

The acai berry has been considered as one of the “super fruits” because of its proven health benefits. This is attested to by millions of satisfied users. You just have to be wise and not fall for the fancy schemes of these online scams. Be wise especially when it comes to your health. It’s the most precious thing that you have.


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