Tuesday, 3 December 2013

What is Acai Berry?

The new natural super-food

Acai Berry is being hailed as the latest super-food to hit the natural health market. It is a natural, organic berry that is found deep in the heart of the rainforests of Brazil where it grows on the top of Amazon Palm trees.

However, beware of the scammers. As with any new product that hits the market and creates a huge demand, it’s not long before the scammers are sharpening up their knives. There are already many complaints hitting the market about sites selling product that has little or no Acai content, rendering it useless. Of course these crooks are selling it for top dollar and are making a fortune in the process whilst the demand is till there.

The increasing interest in this amazing berry is partly due to it’s exceptionally high concentration of antioxidants. Found in the lush rainforests of Brazil, Acai berries grow on the tops of the Amazon palm tree. Acai berries are small spherical shaped berries and rich dark purple in color. They have been used by the indigenous population for centuries, but now the secret of the amazingly high concentration of antioxidants that each berry contains has hit the headlines.

Why antioxidants are so highly thought of?

Most super-foods come from fruits or vegetables and until recently the number one super-food has been the Blueberry which owes its upper-food status to the high levels of antioxidants that it contains. This has led to a spate of Blueberry based products hitting the health food market. Other so called super-foods contain Flavanoids which promote production of antioxidants in the liver.

Antioxidants are credited with aiding the prevention of such chronic diseases as; cancer, heart disease and strokes, rheumatoid arthritis, and Alzheimer’s. It is not difficult to understand then why antioxidants are so highly desired.

There’s a new kid in town

The more recent arrival of Acai on the health food scene has caused an enormous buzz of excitement. It has now taken over as the No 1 super-food crown, not only because it contains higher levels of antioxidants pound for pound than any other super-food, but it’s also rich in many other vitamins and minerals.

Aside from the rich content of antioxidants, the Acai berry also contains high levels of Anthocyanins, and these are known to protect foods from free radicals that are responsible for turning foods brown, aging and rotting. Anthocyanins actually continue to preserve the antioxidant content of food after it is eaten. Whilst red wine contains anthocyanins and is now recommended as a health supplement in small quantities, Acai contains up to 30% to 40% more.

Acai is also rich in Omega oils (Omega 3, 6, and 9), and it is fiber rich, containing 45 grams of fiber per 100 grams of berries. It also contains 19 different amino acids and proteins that promote the growth and health of body tissues. It contains three various plant sterols that promote heart health and aids digestion, and it has amounts of vitamins B1, B2, B3, C and E.

If that’s not enough, Acai also contains the essential minerals potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium and zinc.

No wonder it is considered the new No 1 super-food.

Pure Acai is best

The best Acai products on the market contain 100% Acai, nothing more, nothing less. In order to get it to the processing plants in the freshest condition possible it is now freeze dried on the spot almost as soon as it is harvested. This enables the Acai capsules to contain Acai that it very nearly as fresh as the moment it was picked.

The convenience of and purity Acai capsules

The Acai capsules as processed in the paragraph above, are the best form of Acai available on the market today. They are organic, with no additives, nor do they have any preservatives. They are 100% natural.

Acai juice, whilst still beneficial, does contain additives and preservative so it cannot be labeled “organic”. Another concern with any type of fruit being imported across the border for the purpose of manufacturing it into a juice is the process of irradiation. This process is used for killing micro-organisms that may exist on the fruit. This process has been known to reduce the potent levels of certain vitamins such as thiamine which may result in a deficiency of the vitamin. Irradiating can also bring about chemical transformations in food and food components resulting in the formation of potential mutagens, particularly hydrogen peroxide and various organic peroxides.

Finally, the capsules are much more convenient for travelling. I’m sure you’d love to experience the full benefits of this wonder fruit. You can start right now by clicking here.